Performance through Precision

Soil Sampling 

Make better decision with more information. After the field has been mapped, we insert a grid over the field. Have a look at the first images for an example. The grid size depends on the type of crop e.g. 1ha grid.

This means that a soil samples will be taken every hectare. All our samples are individually taken, package and send to a laboratory for analysis.When we receive the laboratory analyses we insert them in a GIS (Geographical Information System) program, where we develop charts of each field.

The second image is an example of such a chart. All the red areas are where there is a shortage of chemicals.

The third image is an example of a recommendation chart. This chart indicates how much product must be spread on what piece of the field. All the blue areas are where chemicals will be spread. As you can see there is a correlation between the red areas and the blue areas.